Why are we doing this and why do we want people of Limerick to participate in it?  Lots of reasons, actually.  We want to represent the city in a new way and this kind of geo-acoustic project that involves willing participants in a creative partnership seems like a positive and democratic way to go about things.  People have been recording soundscapes across the world for some time now, but generally in as solo or groups specialists.  This project is different.  It’s about collaboration and participation, giving creative voice to those who know the city best (and including as many  of those voices from all walks of life as possible), starting by  engaging initially with pre-existing community groups and organisations.

What about the implications for the university-based pilot project facilitators?  Well, as well as creating the space and place to house these sounds, we are interested in documenting the process and engaging with the on-going fieldwork by writing papers and presenting at conferences.  We’re also interested in thinking about different applications  for these sounds we’re gathering  (e.g. sampler CDs or walking tour apps, as well as an interactive web-site).  Right now though, the focus is on ‘doing’ and seeing how that goes.

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