Which Sounds?

Limerick Soundscapes a interested in ALL the sounds of the city – even those that you don’t like! Rugby fans singing at a match, the check out at the supermarket, laughter down at the pub, the birds in your garden, the bingo caller, the church choir, even doing the washing up! We take such every day sounds for granted, and yet they are very much part of our lives and the time we live in. They will be as fascinating to listen to in 30, 50, 100 years as a photograph can be. Sounds move us, annoy and rouse us, but they are not the same as those in other parts of the world or even elsewhere in Ireland.

We are also aware that every person hears the city differently, as we have different social worlds, jobs and hobbies. The aim of Limerick Soundscapes is to hand the microphone over to you, to encourage you to send us the sounds that mean something to you. It could be a walk to the park with your dog, or your daughter learning to play the fiddle – each tells a story and to us are valuable. By engaging in this mapping project, you may begin to listen differently to your environment, to the musics and the sounds of others around you.  This in turn may impact upon your relationship with the city and with your wider community in all kinds of interesting ways.  Let’s see where the sonic journey takes us.