Echo Location

Echo-location is an exhibition of  field recordings and sound art works that play with soundscape materials. It was collated in 2014 for installation in several locations around Limerick as part of the Limerick Soundscapes project. It was launched at the University of Limerick Conference ‘Urban Soundscapes and Critical Citizenship’ which took  place in April 2014.

Collaborators in Echo locations sent in recordings and pictures from all over the world, and many show that the everyday sounds of their lives can be quite exotic when listened to in another context.

Contributors to the exhibition include:

Magnus Bergsson, Alan Dormer, Karla Berrens, Natalia Beylis, Eshen Chen, Atilio Doreste, Michael Gallagher, Fergus Kelly, Aonghus McEvoy, Sherry Ostrapovitch, Dinah Nuttal, Robin Parmar, Christine Guillebaud, Zeynep Ozcan, Marcus Viniciu Marvila das neves and Tony Langlois.

The full brochure for the exhibition can be downloaded here.


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