Limerick Soundscapes is an initiative led by Aileen Dillane of the World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, and Tony Langlois of the Audio Research Centre, Mary Immaculate College. They are supported by a working group combining the diverse skills of the School of Art and Design, UL’s technology research centre and Sociology Department. As the project develops past the pilot stage, we will be happy to engage with many interested organisations and individuals.

The pilot project, running over summer 2013, will involve working on recording with small groups around the city. These workshops, led by Ciaran Ryan, covered basic recording techniques, use of recording equipment and sound editing. The sounds that volunteers submit were reduced to manageable size, categorised and uploaded to a database for future access. The Limerick Soundscapes working group will continue to explore various methods of storage and access, so that the full scale project will be easy and enjoyable to use.

It is our intention to make Limerick Soundscapes a permanent institution, so that we’ll capture layers of sounds from the same places at different times – and through different ears. This will allow listeners in years to come hear how life is experienced in our time, and how it changes.


Aileen Picself-portrait with transducersMikael F

Aileen Dillane                    Robin Parmar                               Mikael Fernstrom



CiaranTony B:W

Ciaran Ryan                                Tony Langlois